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Hi, Claudia! *smile* I enjoy the emotion expressed in this piece. You really succeeded in showing a meaningful interaction between the ...

First...Minotaurs are cool! that outta my system. I like this Jonathan. You have successfully combined pen-line and brushwor...


It's time to open the doors a little more and let the Travellers in!  I've collected the remains of my Traveller book collection and have decided to offer them for sale.  Like my Star Wars offerings, I'm selling them piecemeal.  So this is your chance to fill in any gaps you may have in your own Traveller collection.

Just a note:  I got my start in the gaming art industry with Digest Group Publications in their line of Traveller gaming materials.  I have very fond memories of that period in my artistic growth, so it isn't without a twinge of sadness that I part with these books/magazines. I do, realize, however, that they will no doubt go to appreciative hands.

Drop me a Note and I will let you know what I have available.


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Michael Vilardi
United States
Favourite genre of music: Many and Varied
Favourite style of art: Creating..that's it
Skin of choice: Smooth and Supple
Favourite cartoon character: Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent
Personal Quote: "My stomach is my sundial"



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Lillixian Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2016  Student General Artist
Hey! how are you man!! Its a bit late but happy new year hehe. I want to see what you are up to now a days. If there's a day we can catch up again let me know. I want to talk to you and stuff! I entered a private art college just this semester I'm taking 3-d modeling and animation :3. Hope to see you again! <3
wulf1902 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Hi there!! Wulfie here! It took all this time yes (I know right!!) But then I realised who you in fact were. I did not think it would ever be so simple as to find an artist such as yourself on the net like this. (I know, you gotta be somewhere though right?).

I never normally get to talk to anyone such as yourself. The truth is really because art is something I fail miserably at, I mean EPICALLY!! You know how some people just shouldn't even try! That's me! I think with art you must either have it or not. Don't worry, I am not lacking in talent! Mathematics and engineering I am fine with, just don't ask me to draw anything better than a stick man. (I see it on the page, I understand what I see, I just can't for some reason reproduce it. I mean for example, I bet that 'Wrong move' drawing is easy to you. It was easy for my friend (who just draws these things to rub it in! But I deserve it mostly, I rub stuff in too), I on the other hand couldn't even trace it! Lol :P

I say these things not so much to point out how crappy I am at art (no one is worse) but how amazing your stuff is. I mean wow! Between a group of us we have quite a bit of your art!! I just didn't see it!. I'm not good but I know what I like and I like your stuff (very much actually, and seeing your sense of humor the other day just made it better ha!)

So we'll thank you for your art, if it were down to me there would be none (I mean not even 'Copy that roughly or I shoot you' would work. So I have the greatest respect for artists! I mean you think maths or engineering is hard! Nothing compared to your work.

I just wanted to say absolutely awesome and well done! I really hope it pays well for you! (If not, get a new manager! Cos its awesome). I love your work and clearly your a cool person too. Thank you for all of this!! :) Zykes (It is from my rp character, Major Zykes who is an Imperial Scout Trooper I hope he doesn't make any 'Wrong Moves' Lol) But good luck anyway (Trust me you don't need it!!)
caesar120 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2015
Mathematics?! Yeeeeowch! Numbers make my brain hurt. Believe me, Wulfie...I love the fact that I can create the way I do. But YOU, speak the language of the Sciences...and that's an awesome gift. Where would civilization be without our mathematicians and engineers?
grahamecracker Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015  Professional General Artist
Hi, Mike.  I just read an interview you did with Wicked North Games a couple of years ago, and was really surprised and encouraged by the fact that you only did a year of art school.  I've been a big fan of your work since I saw your work in the "Dark Force Rising" sourcebook and loved how clean and intentional your drawings felt.  

I went to art school for a year, but most of my stuff focused on graphic design, and less on traditional art (which I've always pursued more as a hobby), though I did take some drawing classes.  I would eventually like to get into doing some sort of concept art role, so I'm going to get myself into some life drawing classes.  

So when you're drawing and creating pieces, how often do you use things like reference photos?  What other kinds of tools (tangible or otherwise) do you make use of?
caesar120 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2015
Hi, Grahame. It's nice to "meet" you! Thank you as well for the encouraging words.  It's gratifying to hear that all the effort I put into my illustrations is noticed and appreciated. Makes it all worth it! Aaaah, my West End days. Truly a wonderfully creative time for me. Great memories of working on those Zahn Trilogy sourcebooks. I presently have them on Ebay. They've sat on a self in my studio for many years now. Sad that a game book isn't being used for it's time that changed. school. Hmmm...yes. One year...but that single year was invaluable, as it was jam-packed with life drawing.  Nothing helps an artist learn the human form quite like 24 hours of figure drawing...per WEEK. For 26 WEEKS! Do I feel that art school/courses are beneficial? Absolutely. Do I feel degree is necessary? Not particularly, no.  It has been my experience that all an artist really needs to do is develop his skills to the point where he/she can demonstrate they can do "the job".

Photo reference? On occasion, yes. I use it...but usually to absorb inspiration or to check details. Inspiration is the Life Blood of the Creative, Grahame. My most used tools are ink brush pens and a wide range of drawing pencils. For color...I prefer watercolor paint and color pencils.
Yukow Featured By Owner May 12, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cuanto tiempo ! Hace mucho que no pasaba por aqui y ahora que miro, no te di un watch , ahora mucho mejor :D Puede que ya no me interese mucho la historia de la antigua roma, ahora me inclino mas por la historia de la segunda guerra mundial
caesar120 Featured By Owner May 12, 2015
Les agradezco por la Guardia Especial, Mari! Mucho tiempo ha pasado desde la última vez intercambiamos palabras. Incluso sin palabras la amistad permanece. * sonrisa * Es maravilloso escuchar a usted otra vez! La Segunda Guerra Mundial es un tema fascinante de estudio, pero sé que su mente por ahora. Es antigua! Es lo suficientemente grande para muchos mundos. Acabo de leer un libro de reciente publicación titulado 'La muerte de César. Un estudio apasionante de los más famosos del asesinato de la historia. Confío en que haya sido así!
Yukow Featured By Owner May 13, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:D siempre me han gustado los cesares de roma, ya fuesen locos como Nerón. Es muy interesante la historia de los cesares, estube viendo una serie de la antigua roma, se llama HBO ROMA, me gusto mucho, puede que no sea para mi edad, pero era muy curiosa, mostraba la vida de los soldados en la antigua roma con diferentes cesares.
caesar120 Featured By Owner May 13, 2015
, la serie de HBO Roma. Lo tengo en dvd, pero no he visto todavía. Me han dicho que es una buena serie. Una telenovela romano! En algún momento en el tiempo voy a verlo. En cuanto a los emperadores romanos locos ... es cierto que Nerón era bastante extraño y bastante sanguinario. Como era Calígula. Crueles al extremo. Tiendo a admirar algunos de los hombres más justos y moderados que gobernaron la antigua Roma. Bueno ... como justo y moderado como dictadores, posiblemente, puede ser. Augusto, Nerva, Trajano, Adriano, Antonino Pío y Marco Aurelio. Al igual que usted, Mari, disfruto muchos temas históricos. Mi siguiente estudio incluirá dos príncipes ingleses que fueron encarcelados en la Torre de Londres en 1483. Hace poco me enteré de que son los antepasados de la mía, por lo que su historia se hace aún más interesante!
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Furryfox396 Featured By Owner May 12, 2015
Hi there! I'm Red Fox. I'm just talking to people on here. Trying to make new friends! Hope we can talk more. :) I'm one cool fox:
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